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  • Enjoy Hassle-free Movement at airports with the latest Circular Issued by Central Government

    On Thursday the central government got rid of security prerequisite of stamping hand bags labels at the boarding time of airplane at seven airplane terminals.

    As indicated by Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, airplane terminals in Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Cochin and Ahmadabad have been exempted from carrying out the security check.

    Till now, travelers needed to get their hand bags stamped by ASG (Aviation Security Group)/APSU (Airport Securit

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  • State Bank of India to merge with 5 associate banks from 1st April 2017

    The merger of State Bank of India’s with five associate banks will become effective from 1 april 2017

    In gazette notifications published on Thursday, the government said the entire undertakings of these five banks shall stand transferred to and vested in State Bank of IndiaBSE -0.48 % from April 1, 2017. 

    The Union Cabinet approved the merger of State Bank of MysoreBSE 0.34 %, State Bank of Bika

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  • Types of Cybercrime, Frauds and Acts

    Cyber crime is complicity from modern technology. It is a destructive and the easiest way of crime, but has an adverse result on the respective person and society at large.

    These offenses are betrothed against single person or a group to intentionally harm the reputation of the individual or cause mental physical or damage or loss, to the victim using computers, smartphones an

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  • How to Deal with Inter-Team Dynamics and Build Oneness

    As a manager, building unity in team or department is an uphill task. Most of the times, managers spend a lot of time in unnecessarily managing people issues or resolving human dynamics.

    The team’s capability to take on responsibilities would increase considerably, if you could have your team concentrate on the task at hand and not on inter-team dynamics.

    First of al

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  • Government says working on How to Curb Cyber Crime

    New Delhi: The Centre informed the Supreme Court on Tuesday that it was investing Rs 196 crore to create cyber crime prevention cells and to give training to 25,000 male police officers, 2,500 women police officers, and 13,000 judicial officers to foreclose and punish those uploading violative materials against children and women on the net.

    Cybercrime is a crime that involves a computing machine like computer or laptop and web. The computer may have been used in

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  • SC said Industrial units must have PETPs

    The Supreme Court today passed guidelines to deal with the discharge of untreated waste in water bodies.

    It also requested state pollution control boards PCBs) not to give permission to industrial entities to work if they don’t have efficient primary effluent treatment plants (PETPs), after giving them notice.

    Chief Justice J S Khehar the bench head directed the state PCBs to issue

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  • Mentoring Programs and HRM Policies and Procedures

    Starting a Mentoring program helps a lot as the significance of strategic human resource management helps in developing better-trained and engaged workforce.

    Mentoring is in which an accomplished individual underpins and helps individuals to create particular abilities and learning that will expand their business potential and enhance their execution. 

    Accelerates growth and development<

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  • Implement Change in your Organization Systematically with Change Management

    What is Change Management? 

    Change management is a skill of making changes methodically i.e. in an organized manner and well-planned manner and in an organization.

    There are two reasons for an organization to change it can be internal or external. Every association go through changes at some point, it can be for temporary basis or permanent basis.

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  • Tools used by Companies in Human Resource Planning

    The scope of Human resources tools has grown since the past several years. Largely this is related with technology that has changed the way the organizations collect data, information and feedback; provide support; and create new incentives for performance. 

    Tools used by HR

    RESOURCE BREAKDOWN STRUCTURES are designed to show project resources. It is a stratified&

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  • Three Causes that Explains why Human Resources are Important for your Firm Success

    Efficient Human Resources assists establishments to get the most from their employees. With HR's visions and understanding, firms can make smarter choices on where and how to invest in their ability.

    Prominence of human resources

    Human Resources are concerned with the issues of managing people in the organization. The Human Resources department is responsible for many people related issues in an organization.

    Their understandi

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