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  • Why Case Study and Thesis are Important for Business

    The term case study alludes to both a technique for examination and a particular research plan for analyzing an issue, both of which are utilized as a part of most conditions to sum up crosswise over populaces. 

    A case study inquires about paper analyzes of a man, occasion, marvel, or another sort of subject of investigation, keeping in mind the end goal is to anticipate future patterns that can be connected with past events.

    However, a case study can likewise be comp

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  • Theatrical role of Succession Planning in organization

    Succession planning is the process whereby an association guarantees that employees are enlisted and developed to fill every key part of the company. It basically falls under the jurisdiction of Human Resource Management.

    All companies, regardless of their size, require succession planning. While it is more improbable that you will have potential successors for every vacancy in an&n

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  • Stages of Human Resources Development

    Human Resource Development is the system for helping workers build up their own and organizational aptitudes, knowledge, and capacities.The following stages are handled by HRD:
    - Recruitment 
    - Orientation 
    - Performance Management 
    - Promotion and Advancement
    - Termination 

    Enlistment is a procedure of hunting the candidates for the job and animating them to apply for e

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  • Things you need to know about Safety and Health in Organization

    Having a decent safety program will help companies in having the best working conditions for employees. Safety and health programs in the work environment help organizations with regards to accident prevention. 

    To recognize exactly what is related to safety and health, we separate them into discrete segments and they are physical and mental safety.

    Physical safety 
    One of the most important pointers when it comes to

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  • Public Interest Litigation - A Boon or Bane

    The full form of PIL is Public Interest Litigation. It is directly filed by an individual or group of individuals in the Supreme Court for the protection of the public interest.

    It is another lawful skyline in which official courtroom can start and implement action to serve and secure public interest. It has opened new horizons for the poor and the destitute.

    In Indian law, Article 32 of the Indian constitution contains an instrument which specifically joi

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  • Implications of Industrial Relations in India

    Industrial Relations are the relations between employees, employer and employees and employees and trade unions. - Industrial dispute Act 1947

    It is dynamic in nature. It can be viewed as a set of complex transactions among the businesses, the workers, the trade union, and the state in a given financial setting.

    As it were, change in the way of Industrial Relation has ended up sine quo non or cause-in-fact" causation with a

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  • An Outline on Family Laws in India

    Family laws are a branch of Indian laws that are pertinent to a person by the faith of his religion. The three primary branches of family laws are Muslim laws, Hindu laws, and Christian laws. Family laws administrate lawsuit related to personal matters, for instance, marriage, separate, guardianship, reception, and legacy.

    Family law is the law that deals with the legitimate issues that emerge in families or other personal relationships, for example, Adoption, Divorce, Guardianship,

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  • Company Law of India - An Overview

    The Companies law 2013 is an Act of the Parliament of India which governs directors, incorporation of a company, obligation of a company, dissolution of a company. The English Common Law is the point of origin of the Company legislation in India.

    Different types of companies are as follows:-
    1.    Public sector undertaking - It is owned by the central government of India or the state government.
    2.    One-person company - It is

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  • 4 Contributions of Recruitment Process Outsourcing to your Business Organization

    On the off chance if you are keen on diminishing your cost per person, time to employ and drawing in the best ability accessible, then Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is definitely worth trying.

    You must be thinking, what is RPO?
    RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a process of outsourcing the recruitment process to an outside service provider by a company. They will furnish your organization with the fundamental aptitudes, technologies,

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  • Ordinance in India Parliament

    Ordinances are impermanent laws that are proclaimed by the President of India on the proposal of the Union Cabinet. They must be issued when Parliament is not in session. 

    Lawfully, an ordinance is the same of an Act; but is not passed by the legislature. It is a temporary law till it is approved or till it is repealed or till its expiry by the legislature. 

    The purpose of ordinances is to permit governments to make prompt authoritative move if conditions make it

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