• Companies Act 2013

    The Companies Act 2013 is an Act of the Parliament of India which controls joining of an organization, obligations of an organization, executives, disintegration of an organization. The 2013 Act is isolated into 29 parts containing 470 areas as against 658 Sections in the Companies Act, 1956 and has 7 schedules.The Act has supplanted The Companies Act, 1956 (in an incomplete way) in the wake of getting the consent

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  • Prevention of Corruption Act 1988


    This part contains segments depicting title, regional amplify, fundamental definitions, and so forth. Taking after are a few segments: 

    • Appointment of unique Judges

    Energy To Appoint Special Judges: The Central and the State Government is enabled to select Special Judges by setting a Notification in the Official Gazette, to attempt the accompanying offenses: · Any offense c

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  • Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act 1956

    Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956 

    An Act to change and systematize certain parts of the law identifying with minority and 

    guardianship among Hindus. 

    BE it established by Parliament in the Seventh Year of the Republic of India as takes after:- 

    1 . Short title and degree.- (1) This Act might be known as the Hindu Minority and Guardianship 

    Act, 1956. 

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  • Resignation Letter Format

    Resignation letter 

    Any Resignation must be done effortlessly and professionally. 

    Composing a resignation letter is difficult. As it involves convention it should be done skillfully and also graciously or it could seriously affect your vocation later on. 

    This is an asset page that will firstly give you free access to n

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  • Excel Formulas

    Formulas and Functions. A Formula is an expression which computes the estimation of a cell. Capacities are predefined Formulas and are as of now accessible in Excel. For instance, cell A3 beneath contains a Formula which includes the estimation of cell A2 to the estimation of cell A1. 

    What is Excel and Why Do We Need It? 

    In the event that you are an office overseer, you presumably utilize Excel. Likewise on the off chance that you are a sa

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    Knowing the basic criteria of interview question answer, is the sign that you are perfactly ready for the interview and there is no sign of skittishness and worry in the interview room. as every one know that hw thier behavior affect your career, so go confidently with a sweet smile and 1 give a short description of you;

    1. express yourself 

                This question is not elementary or casual as it seem

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  • Rajya Sabha passes GST Constitutional Amendment Bill

    The Rajya Sabha on Wednesday passed the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Constitutional Amendment Bill which the Lok Sabha had effectively endorsed a year ago. The precise rate of the expense may be chosen in the weeks or months ahead. 

    The enactment was endorsed by the Rajya Sabha with 203 votes in support and none against, in the 243-part House. The bill was passed following a following a seven-hour wrangle about. 

    The House was deferred till 11 pm

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  • Actuaries Act 2006

    Actuaries Act 2006 o SECTION 1 SHORT TITLE, EXTENT AND COMMENCEMENT o 2. Definitions. — o 3. Incorporation of Institute.— o 4. Transfer of assets, liabilities, etc., of Actuarial Society. — o 5. Objects of Institute.— o 6. Entry of names in register.— o 7. Associates and fellows.— o 8. Honorary, affiliate and student members.— o 9. Certificate of practice.— o 10. Members to be known as Actuaries.— o 11. Disqualifications.— o 12. Composition of Council of Institute.— o 13. Annual gen

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  • Environmental Pollution

    Environmental pollution alludes to the presentation of unsafe toxins into the earth. The real sorts of Environmental pollution are air pollution , water pollution , clamor pollution , warm pollution , soil pollution and light pollution . 

    Deforestation and risky vaporous discharges likewise prompts ecological pollution . Amid the most recent 10 years, the world has seen extreme ascent in ecologi

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