Indian law and order panel suggests compensation for petitioners from lawyers

The Law Commission of India has proposed to the Center that petitioners, who endure by virtue of offense by legal advisors and strikes in courts, be permitted to look for remuneration at a gathering set up under the law.

The Commission, headed by previous Supreme Court judge Justice B S Chauhan, has presented the report to the Ministry of indian law and order and furthermore said that there ought to be an arrangement for giving penance to errant attorneys.

The board, which gave a large number of proposals to make promotion a defendant cordial issue, additionally looked for discipline for the supporters for going on strike and endangering the legal business in courts.

“If any person suffers loss due to the misconduct of an advocate or for his participation in strike or otherwise, then the victim may make a claim for compensation against the lawyer in the appropriate forum established under any law for the time being in-force.”

“The non-payment of fees, either in full or part, by a person to his advocate shall not be a defence available for the advocate against whom such claim for compensation is made,” the panel said.

As far as discipline to advocates for unfortunate behavior, the report has proposed a fine will be charged which may stretch out to Rs three lakh and the cost of proceedings.

It recommended granting pay to the individual oppressed by the wrongdoing of the supporter and force costs, subject to a most extreme of Rs two lakh.

The report additionally added that they will include the elements of the Bar Council of India (BCI) the condition "to make principles to manage strikes, blacklists or abstentions from courts by supporters, accommodate reasonable measures in such manner and to accommodate disciplines including the discipline of preclusion from contesting any election of Bar Councils or of Bar Association for a time of six years".

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